At the crossroads of care and innovation, biology & digital health

The BIWAKO company supports health innovation and enables all healthcare professionals to actively contribute to medical research. 

Medicine is becoming increasingly personalized; the research and validation of biomarkers have become essential in the development of new treatments and patient care.

Founded by a physician-researcher specialist in diagnostics and biomarkers, the company Biwako aims to support medical innovation, particularly…

  • Facilitating access to health data
  • Developing the digital tools of the future
  • Validating these digital tools through retrospective or prospective studies

Whether you are a patient, healthcare professional, or industry representative, we all stand to gain by working together. Join the BIWAKO ecosystem and the many partners who already trust us.

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The BIWAKO company was created in 2022 by Professor Marie Brevet, a doctor specializing in Pathological Anatomy and Cytology, passionate about innovation and medical research. It responds to a major need to develop research activities in collaboration with private medicine.

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