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The company BIWAKO specializes in digital health with a strong focus on oncology, pathology and molecular analysis of tumors.

Engaging in activities as a Biological Resource Center (BRC) and a Health Data Warehouse (HDW), BIWAKO securely preserves matched health samples and data for the benefit of researchers and industry.

If you are seeking medical expertise in oncology biomarkers (immunohistochemical, molecular, and digital), personalized medicine, or translational research, BIWAKO can assist you with project design, writing, and management, access to health data, as well as analysis and results valorization.

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All these services comply with ethical regulations and patient consent. These activities are supported by established quality procedures (ongoing quality approach for obtaining ISO 9001 & ISO 20387 certifications).

If you are looking for health data and/or wish to validate a digital tool, feel free to contact us. Our network of analysis laboratories and clinical partners can likely meet your expectations.