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Founded and led by a pathologist who daily conducts the diagnosis and microscopic characterization of diseases, the patient is at the heart of the considerations led by the BIWAKO company. Discovering new biomarkers, validating innovative diagnostic technologies, or promoting patient inclusion in clinical trials are different objectives of the BIWAKO company.

As a player in fundamental, translational, and clinical research for over 20 years, the BIWAKO team develops its research projects in compliance with current regulations and ethical laws.

Each patient is individually informed before being included in a project and can oppose it at any time.

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On this website, you will find ongoing projects as well as information enabling you to exercise your right to oppose and rectify data concerning you.

As a patient, you have a role to play in medical research and health innovation. Your opinion matters. Feel free to contact your doctor to assert your rights or learn more about BIWAKO’s activities.

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