The Biological Resource Center (BRC)

In order to preserve and valorize biological samples annotated with histopathological and clinical data, the company BIWAKO has established a Biological Resource Center (BRC).

A BRC (or Biobank) manages biological samples and the data directly associated with these samples. BIWAKO’s BRC thus preserves human samples for the purpose of making them available for medical research. Its activities are regulated by the Ministry of Research.

Specialized in medical imaging data, BIWAKO’s BRC can provide digitized histopathology slides in various scanner formats, with different stainings (HE & HES), standard staining, and immunohistochemistry. Unstained samples (paraffin blocks, white slides) allow for additional techniques.

Thanks to its clinical partners, BIWAKO specializes in clinically annotated samples (treatment, treatment response, survival…).

BIWAKO and its suppliers work in compliance with regulations and have the necessary authorizations for their activities.
The BIWAKO team implements a rigorous quality process and aims for ISO 20387 certification.

Patient Rights
Patients are personally informed prior to the storage of their samples in the BRC. They can oppose it at any time by exercising their right to object with the healthcare professional who took care of them.

Activité centre de ressources biologique